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Secure Passwords

We use passwords to access our bank accounts, make phone calls or send messages on social networks. We use passwords to shop, access content, communicate and even to access physical locations. As digital data continues to expand at rapid rates, consider how many passwords we currently have? Dozens? Hundreds? Maybe thousands of password. In this zine, we present some tips for creating and keeping your passwords and your data safe.

Writer: Narrira Lemos.
Review: Gustavo Gus, Bruno Rigonato.
Translations: Guarani - Werá Alexandre e Fred Karai, English - Brenna Wolf-Monteiro.
Design and Illustrations: Álvaro Paiva.
Support: Bertha Foundation.

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Senhas Seguras

Baixe o zine sobre senhas seguras também em português.

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Senhas Seguras em Guarani

Baixe o zine sobre senhas seguras também em guarani.

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